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Live a life of Harmony

Getting in touch with body, mind and spirit in a nurturing environment is so much easier with holistic care.

Your professional care begins with a thorough NES assessment from our Certified NES Health Practitioner.







NES Health Scan

Ionic Foot Detox


Reiki Healing (1 hour)

Meditation Classes

Holistic Healing Tree is about looking after you as an individual. We cater to your personal needs, Mental, Physical and Spiritual wellbeing. Everyone seems to lead such busy, stressful lives these days and we will help you to be able to cope with life better, to give you more energy, less stress and have better overall health.

You start with a full NES Health scan which takes 10 seconds to scan the body’s energy field and then we can take it from there as to where the main priorities are.

Once you start to feel better about yourself you will then make better life choices, to eat better, sleep better and exercise. Your body is an amazing tool and it can heal itself given the opportunity to rest. Whether you want to lose weight, look younger and to feel less overwhelmed, come and see us today and start to change your life.


NES Health

NES Health is dedicated to developing a new kind of healthcare based on the latest findings in biology. Take control of your own health.

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girl meditating

A proven way to extend your life span and quality is to meditate for only 2 minutes a day. Reap wonderful physical and psychological benefits.

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Hand of Reiki

Balance and cleanse your chakra’s and energy field in a wonderful environment. Clear old thoughts, energy, emotions and be renewed.

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Foot Detox

Relaxing and Therapeutic foot Bath

The Ion Cleanse foot detox is a gentle, non-invasive therapy which re-energises the body and helps support the body to detoxify naturally.

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