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Since Peter Fraser's revolutionary discovery of the human body-field (HBF), NES Health has supported many people in addressing issues and concerns relating to their health and well-being.

NES Health
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Your Healing Journey

Your Healing Journey begins when you select a NES Practitioner and go to your first consultation to explore what NES Health really has to offer you.

What to expect at your first consultation

All NES Health practitioners are trained in a wide range of alternative healing modalities, in using our ProVision analysis System and have a wide range of experience in complementary medicine. NES Practitioners work with each individual client to develop a tailored program dependent upon the aspects of healing that you would like to address.

They consider your holistic well-being including:
  • Informational assessment and correction: This explores your body's master control system and highlights distortions.
  • Energetic analysis: identifying energy blockages in the body's systems.
  • Nutritional: highlighting issues in your current diet and making recommendations on supplementation.
  • Emotional and mental analysis: identifying conflicts and working on resolution.

Your Healing Journey Continues

Once your tailored program has been created, over the coming months the practitioner will support you as together you tackle your issues one by one. Each NES practitioner has at their disposal a range of powerful tools to help:

  1. Remove Pain and Energy Blockages in the Body using the NES miHealth.
  2. Correct the Body's Master Control System using Infoceuticals.
  3. Remove old restrictive emotional and mental patterns through EFT/NLP techniques with information laser acupuncture and liberate your consciousness (specially trained practitioners only).
  4. Improve nutritional support through dietary advice combined with functional supplementation in the form of NEStrition.
  5. Rebuild your body at a pace you're comfortable with through the recommendations of exercises, Yoga poses, meditation and classes.


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The body-field represents the general state of your overall physical and emotional condition and distortions in this field can cause disharmony in your life.

Correction of these distortions can support and encourage a more balanced and healthier life experience. What are Infoceuticals? NES Infoceuticals are energetic remedies that have been 'encoded' or 'imprinted' with bio-information to directly correct distortions in your body-field. This information is delivered using cutting-edge imprinting technology developed at our R&D centre.

NES Infoceuticals each contain filtered water and plant-derived micro-minerals. They interact directly with the human body-field to help address blockages correlated to physical, emotional, environmental and chemical toxins. Working with these blockages helps to restore the body's balance and enhances its inherent healing qualities. Infoceuticals are safe, effective and easy to use. The Professional Infoceutical Range

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The professional range of Infoceuticals are only available to qualified and experienced healthcare practitioners and therapists who have completed training in the NES Health system of healthcare.

In the professional range there are five main categories of Infoceutical:

Big Field Aligners

These help to align your body-field with the Earth's natural fields and forces, which is important for establishing overall well-being. Proper Big Field alignment is also crucial for the accuracy of future NES scans.

Energetic Drivers (EDs)

These are designed to properly power your body-field so that it can efficiently coordinate the complex functions of your physical body and enhance your overall energy and vitality.

Energetic Integrators (EIs)

These help to clear any distortions from the information pathways that your body uses to work properly. They help balance both the energy flow through acupuncture meridians and the clarity of mental functions and emotional communication.

Energetic Terrains (ETs)

These are designed to re-establish healing messages and activate energetic immunity within your body-field.

Energetic Stars (ESs)

These are used in cases where there are major bioenergetic blockages correlated to your body's metabolic pathways and survival mechanisms.

Taking the Infoceuticals

You take the Infoceuticals by dispensing the required number of drops into a glass of water, allowing 10 minutes between taking each different Infoceutical. Infoceuticals can be used with other kinds of drinks and with foods or nutritional supplements. You also can take them while using other types of health programmes.

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