girl meditating


A proven way to extend your life span and quality is to meditate for only 2 minutes a day. If that's all you end up doing, you'll reap wonderful physical and psychological benefits.

Make stress a long forgotten memory............

Learn the right way and now you're in control.

girl meditating

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation can reduce stress and help us to relax by teaching us to switch off from the worries of every day life. It is an opportunity to spend time by ourselves with our own thoughts without feeling at the beck and call of others.

In a modern world that values activity, achievements and results, it is perhaps surprising that more people are turning to meditation. Many still feel a fundamental need for silence, inner peace, and a moment of reflection. It teaches us to quieten the mind, focusing on the present moment and will help in making more effective decisions. Quite often. physical ailments are symptons of inner turnoil.

Learning to quiten the mind will help gain inner peace, allow moments of reflection and to achieve mental, physical and spiritual harmony. At Holistic Healing Tree we will show you the pathway to overall well being via Daytime and Evening Meditation Classes with small groups of like minded people coming together to achieve a greater inner peace and an enhanced ability to manage their life choices.